Smarter Partnerships

The Smarter Partnerships website helps users improve partnership skills and performance. SITE SUSPENDED – CURRENTLY BEING REVAMPED

You will find there:

  • interactive tools to assist individuals, cross-agency teams and partnerships assess both (i) partnership development and (ii) individual and team learning needs. Work your way through the stages, and get advice for actions you can take, appropriate to your circumstances.
  • on-line resources: case studies, tools and links to help users address learning needs and improve partnership working

Smarter Partnerships was one of the first partnership toolkits to be developed, and remains the only freely available one which is genuinely interactive, in allowing users to assess their partnership, and their learning needs in real time, and receive feedback on what they can do to address these needs.

We continue to have approaches from other organisations to make use of the materials – most recently by the Learning and Skills Improvement Service. Smarter Partnerships tools now feature in their ‘Support for Collaborative Contracting’ package. This has been developed in the light of the decision by the Skills Funding Agency to move to Minimum Level Contracts, necessitating much wider development of supply chain partnerships amongst learning providers. Other recent examples of use have included a county basic skills partnership and an aboriginal drugs and alcohol partnership in Perth, Western Australia.

More generally, the usefulness of Smarter Partnerships is recognised in the frequency by which other sites provide links – eg, National School of Government, the Improvement Network and the Improvement Service (Scotland).

Smarter Partnerships was developed by Educe for the Employers Organisation for Local Government – now part of the Local Government Association. The project was originally funded by the then Department for Education and Skills, and built on a ‘state of the art’ review ( pdf 205KB in 2000 of partnerships and local government.

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