Supporting Local Information and Research

Research for CLG (Department for Communities and Local Government) into factors driving changes in information, analysis and research in local government and how local, regional and national partners have been responding to these (with Oxford Consultants for Social Inclusion – OCSI – and Demographic Decisions). Recommendations related to:

  • streamlining and opening up access to data
  • improved packaging of datasets and analyses to meet user needs
  • action to avoid pitfalls in accessing and comparing data from related websites
  • improvements in national indicator sets to reflect what is needed and measurable at locality and neighbourhood levels
  • promotion of good practice in data sharing and use of geodemographic classifications
  • action to develop skills amongst researchers and analysts, including a skills framework and support for use of applications such as cost benefit analysis – as well as steps to encourage ‘intelligent customers’, influencing how decision-makers view and use what analysts have to offer
  • embedding local research and analysis functions in the search for improved services and outcomes in local authorities and partnerships
The report  (1,996 KB) was published by CLG in January 2009. The recommendations have been worked through in a number of contexts, including at national level involving the LGA, CLG, Audit Commission, etc. The report has influenced the work of Improvement and Efficiency Partnerships and decisions taken at local level to strengthen R&I capacity and collaboration. Derrick Johnstone facilitated a national workshop in December 2009 to review progress against recommendations.

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