LSP Induction Pack

Induction materials ( 657 KB) designed to provide a ‘survival guide’ to what partners need to know about Local Strategic Partnerships (LSPs) and their LSP partners.The pack provides:

  • an introduction to LSPs, and the relevance of neighbourhoood renewal and equalities to LSP activities
  • an LSP board member induction process and checklist
  • profiles of partner bodies and theme partnerships
  • jargon buster

The content was developed for LSPs in the West Midlands, though much was of relevance to other regions.The thinking behind the pack was that the ability to make a confident contribution in LSPs depends on being familiar with the terrain (what the LSP is about, its context, its strategies and how it works). Successful collaboration depends on partners sharing common goals and gaining mutual advantage through their involvement. Understanding what partners bring to the table, what drives them and what constrains them is an essential platform for joint working.

These materials were designed to be adapted to needs within individual partnerships and as a starting point for further learning about partners and the partnership – a prompt for the best learning: finding out locally from horses’ mouths.

These materials were produced in 2006 for the Leadership and Partnership Development programme in the West Midlands. They should be read in the light of the subsequent policy developments which have inevitably dated the content. However, we continue to make them available as they remain a starting point for induction activity, to be adapted and updated to fit specific local circumstances.

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