Trade unions and economic development

Coming in from the cold: trade unions in economic development partnerships ( pdf 44 KB) from Local Work No 11 (published by the Centre for Local Economic Strategies)

Describes the first capacity building project for trade unionists involved in economic regeneration. Covered partnership working, policy developments and good practice in strategies, project development and evaluation. Developed originally in the North West in 1998, with a follow-up evaluation in 1999 and later roll-out to other TUC regions.

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  1. Dear EDUCE,
    I would really like to read your report on Trade Unions and economic development – Local Work No 11 – but it doesn’t appear to want to download.
    Could you kindly send a copy to me?
    Professor Steve Jefferys

    1. Will do.

      Copy now available for download again.

      Thanks for your interest


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