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Business Support: Beacon Councils

Supporting business: what can we learn from the beacons?( pdf – 215 KB – a good practice guide based on the experience of the six ‘Fostering Business Growth’ Beacon Councils. Published by the Local Government Association (LGA).

The document looks at the roles that the Beacon Councils have performed in support of local business and the added value that they have created, before going on to review factors underlying their success. Whilst each area is very distinctive in terms of its industrial structure and community, there are common themes which help explain the difference they have made. The report finishes with a set of key messages for local authorities, central government and business audiences.

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Trades unions and the Sub-National Review

At a time when significant changes were underway in the institutional framework for regional economic development, including a ‘more strategic’ role for Regional Development Agencies and a bigger role for local authorities, the North West TUC commissioned us to draft a briefing ( pdf 337KB) for the TUC website. This summarised the then Government’s proposals for implementing the Sub-National Review of Economic Development and Regeneration and the wider policy context including proposals for learning and skills budgets. Opportunities for trades unions to influence policy and investment were highlighted and explored in a workshop with trade union officers. The briefing mapped key organisations and partnerships in the North West and set out trade union involvement in these. It also provided a full listing of relevant partnerships and developments within the region.

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Five Vital Lessons: Successful Partnerships with Business

Five Vital Lessons: Successful Partnership with Business was an interactive website featuring tools, good practice lessons and case studies relating to getting the most out economic development partnerships involving the private sector. Aims to help you achieve your common goals with less pain and more gain.

Tools included:

  • High Performing Partnerships (how well is your partnership performing?)
  • Partnership Life Cycle (work out how to make your partnership more productive)
  • Involving the Private Sector (ways of maximising the benefits of business involvement in partnerships)
The tool was originally developed (with GFA Consulting) for the Department for Education and Skills in April 2001.

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