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Mutual Advantage – Skills & VCOs

Mutual Advantage: Working with Voluntary and Community Organisations on Learning and Skills– report on research and development project in Hampshire, Sandwell and Wigan, on the opportunities and implications for the voluntary sector and the LSC of the new learning and skills agenda. Project report for Department for Education & Skills, published April 2001.It features:

  • Part 1 report, featuring key messages for Local Learning and Skills Councils and the voluntary sector, and lots of examples of capacity building and partnership working in practice ( pdf – 597 KB)
  • Part 2: case studies from project areas (Hampshire, Sandwell and Wigan) and other parts of the country (Birmingham, London, Norfolk and Yorkshire), and resources to help users review the roles voluntary organisations can play, strengthen partnership working and identify sources of funding for capacity building. ( pdf – 556 KB)
There is also a summary ( pdf – 243 KB).
‘Mutual Advantage’ has been very widely used (with high numbers of downloads from Government websites in addition to the printed copies) and was influential in the subsequent development of policy and relationships between the Learning and Skills Council (LSC) and the voluntary and community sector.

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Bedfordshire: Towards 2021 evaluation

Evaluation of ‘Bedfordshire: Towards 2021’ ( pdf – 613KB) –  a training and development programme targeted at key professionals to enable them to develop skills needed to deliver the Sustainable Communities agenda in Bedfordshire and Luton. The programme, developed by Luton and Dunstable Partnership, took its inspiration from the findings of the Egan Review, ‘Skills for Sustainable Communities’, which highlighted the need to enable people to widen their knowledge, enable partnership working and create a new breed of all-round regeneration worker.

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Benchmarking voluntary sector engagement on skills

Benchmarking Voluntary Sector Engagement with the Learning and Skills Council 2005report  reviewing the engagement of voluntary and community organisations with local Learning and Skills Councils in the South East – a follow up to the development of the South East Compact for Learning and Skills agreed by RAISE (the regional voluntary sector network in the South East) and the LSC.

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Neighbourhood Renewal Skills & Knowledge Evaluation

Final reports from our evaluation of the national Skills and Knowledge for Neighbourhood Renewal programme, developed by the Neighbourhood Renewal Unit of the then ODPM. The programme sought to support performance improvement in Local Strategic Partnerships and other neighbourhood renewal partnerships, and help equip everyone with a role to play with the skills they need.

  • Seeking the Lessons: an evaluation of the Neighbourhood Renewal Unit’s Skills and Knowledge Programme: Research Report 19 (  428KB) and summary ( 163KB)

There are six background reports:

Project led by Educe with University of Cambridge (Department of Land Economy), Makesfive Ltd, GFA Consulting and Infoseek.

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Linking Thinking evaluation

Evaluation ( pdf – 251 KB) of the ‘Linking Thinking’ programme, a cross-agency initiative to build the skills, knowledge and confidence of staff in the Government Office for the East of England, East of England Development Agency (EEDA) and East of England Regional Assembly (EERA) who were involved with LSPs and neighbourhood partnerships.

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Five Vital Lessons: Successful Partnerships with Business

Five Vital Lessons: Successful Partnership with Business was an interactive website featuring tools, good practice lessons and case studies relating to getting the most out economic development partnerships involving the private sector. Aims to help you achieve your common goals with less pain and more gain.

Tools included:

  • High Performing Partnerships (how well is your partnership performing?)
  • Partnership Life Cycle (work out how to make your partnership more productive)
  • Involving the Private Sector (ways of maximising the benefits of business involvement in partnerships)
The tool was originally developed (with GFA Consulting) for the Department for Education and Skills in April 2001.

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