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Inspire East Enabling Panel

Derrick Johnstone was a member of Inspire East’s Enabling Panel between 2008 and 2010, providing IE’s Enabling Service. This offered independent advice and guidance to sustainable communities projects to help them overcome difficult issues and improve results, especially through involvement at critical early stages in project lifecycles. Enablers were drawn from a range of professional backgrounds with specialist expertise to offer. Their role was, for example, to assist local partners in developing a project brief; advising on procurement or project set-up, or providing guidance and help where a project may have stalled. Enablers were expected to help the local ‘client’ progress the project, rather than actually undertaking those tasks on their behalf. One assignment involved Derrick working with Richard King to assist Southend partners take stock of their aspirations  for a regeneration project near the town centre, their requirements, discuss and agree actions needed  deliver a mutually acceptable and affordable scheme.
Inspire East published a legacy document which illustrates the number and range of schemes that have received help from these services and capture what has been learned by those who have been involved, the experience of panel members and the feedback from users.

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Framework for Regeneration

Workshop to help members of the West Cumbria Partnership develop a fresh understanding of the then Government’s approach to regeneration, as set out in the ‘Framework for Regeneration’ consultation in 2009.The event, with senior councillors and representatives of partner agencies sought to build a consensus response from West Cumbria to the consultation questions, and identify the implications for regeneration-related policy and programmes locally. The workshop informed responses by the West Cumbria Partnership and by Copeland Borough Council.

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Inspire East evaluation 2007

Inspire East Evaluation 200( pdf 1203KB) – assessment of the impact of the regional centre of excellence for sustainable communities in the East of England. Follows work on the evaluation framework and baseline in 2006.

This involved research into the impact of Inspire East services (seminars and workshops, publications, website, etc) and wider influence of Inspire East on policy and practice in the region.

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National Strategy for Neighbourhood Renewal evaluation

Evaluation of the National Strategy for Neighbourhood Renewal: Scoping Study ( pdf 773KB) –  project to clarify the scope and methodological options to evaluate progress, lessons and  impact of the National Strategy for Neighbourhood Renewal (for Neighbourhood Renewal Unit, ODPM) (project led by Department of Land Economy, University of Cambridge). Educe inputs included developing content on ‘Characteristics of good strategy evaluation’ (including international best practice) and undertaking interviews with other government departments regarding their policy relationship and relevant data and research activities.

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Service Improvement Tools

Self assessment diagnostic tools on
  • Economic Development and Regeneration
  • Neighbourhood Renewal

These were designed to help local authorities review the way in which they develop, deliver and improve these services and activities. Produced for IDeA (the Improvement and Development Agency for local government) in 2003 and based on their Local Government Improvement Programme Model. The tools were designed for in-house review or for Peer Review.The tools are organised under three main themes:

  • Leadership and strategic planning
    • Vision and strategy; Change management; Motivation; Innovation and Creativity; Alliance Building
  • Democratic and community engagement
    • Democratic Representation; Scrutiny; Customer and Citizen Focus; Communication with Customers and Citizens; Consultation and Participation
  • Performance management
    • Planning and Review; People Management; Project Management; Systems and Processes Management; Financial Management
Under each heading are questions exploring good practice, and in addition, the Neighbourhood Renewal diagnostic features illustrations from Beacon Councils plus other resources. The tools can be used for specific services identified as priorities for improvement as well as for the whole programme area.If you want some help in focusing the review you will find a summary tables with the most important questions which can guide what you decide to do. These are also helpful as checklists for peer review exercises.

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Skills for Community Regeneration

Skills for Regeneration: Learning by Community Champions – report on research into skills needed and gained by individuals who have gained small grants through the Community Champions programme, funded by the Department for Education and Skills. The programme provided up to £2,000 to around 10,000 individuals across England between 2000 and 2007, with many projects led by these individuals targeted at disadvantaged groups, including disabled people and refugees. The programme was successful, but was one of the funding streams ultimately to be rolled into funding for Local Area Agreements.

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